Why I could Choose Claire Jarrett Again

I started a car auction firm and did my advertisement in the dailies for a period of not less than six months. I made several sales but I noted that I did not reach my intended clients because I wanted to go beyond borders. Advertisement in these media took a lot of money that I could have used to expand my business. I noted that I needed help from a refined expert to help me to discern the best approach that I could use to hold an effective marketing campaign. A friend of mine advised me to contact Claire Jarrett. She coached me on internet marketing. Below is how her coaching turned the fortune of my business.

Defining my Goals

In three consecutive weeks of internet marketing coaching, she helped me to define the goals that I wanted to achieve. Additionally, she helped me to write down a priority list based on my identified goals. She showed me how to advertise each product based on the class and the financial base of the clients. This worked for me because I was able to use the social media to reach clients based on the client age, social status and financial capability. She advised me that different clusters of people used different social media.

Avoiding beginners Mistakes

As a new businessperson in the field of sales and marketing, Claire Jarrett coached me on how to do an effective campaign without making mistakes that many beginners do in the social media campaigns. She coached me based on her statistical prowess and analysis on injecting my capital in advertisement. Her advice was that I was supposed to invest more on the social media with the clients who made limited initial contacts about my products. With time, this increased my sales because I achieved some balance in sales across the social strata. She warned me against market segregation that is retrogressing in marketing.


Being a CEO of her company, Claire Jarrett tapped from her vast experience to introduce me to new online clients. She also advised me on the competitors who she had worked with before. Whenever I had problems with them, she stepped in and mediated. Through this, I was able to create and strengthen my social media networks within a short time. I have been getting references from people who were initially my arc rivals through her continued follow ups.

In my honest opinion, Claire Jarrett does not concentrate on how much she can get from you as client but on what your social media campaign will bring on the table. I have always contacted her to update her on my progress in social media marketing. To my surprise, she always offers me with new tips to make my campaigns more effective. Her cross border experience allowed me to travel together with her thus strengthening my international networks.